Cheap Thrills, Red Tags

I’ve mentioned that as a child we spent LOTS of time on cross-country road trips – crammed into a station wagon with seven siblings, and parents, and occasionally pets, playing “license plate games” was necessary for survival. They were formative years. So now I always look for the first sighting of the next year’s colored tags on California license plates.

With Hissy being a “January baby,” I get to cheat. I got her registration about ten days ago and went online and paid immediately. And I’ve been keeping an eagle eye out for anyone else who might have gotten one first. Believe me, with the commute to the new job, I’ve been staring at a lot of bumpers recently.

Haven’t spotted one yet.

I’m a weiner!!!

(Assuming, of course, you don’t take into consideration that I’m so pathetic that getting my car registration sticker earlier than everyone else is such a big event in my life. Good thing there was that wedding last weekend or this might be the highlight of the month!)


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