Sunset – November 14th

From the parking lot at the new office – ground level, no horizon views like I had from the second story of the parking garage at the old office.

I think I might have missed “peak sunset” by about five minutes, maybe ten.

I also noticed a really big plane up there, probably descending toward the downwind leg into LAX from Malibu (about 10 miles over the mountains to our left) to downtown LA. It didn’t look like a passenger jet, even one of the big new jumbo jets. More like a C-5 or Antonov 225. Huh…

Just on the other side of the frontage road on the right is the 101 Freeway. At this point and at this time the traffic headed back into the San Fernando Valley through the Calabasas Grade is moving right along. One or two exits down the road it will slow to an absolute crawl. (Fun times!)

The iPhone compensates for the low light by taking a photo that’s quite bright. What did it really look like?

Something more like this. Less detail and color, but much more like what the eye saw then in real life.

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