NOW It’s Almost Christmas

Yeah, yeah, the lights are up and tonight we put up the tree. Those are all good precursors.

But tonight we had the first “Love Actually” viewing of the season. It won’t be the last.

I know there are some very vocal folks who absolutely despise the film – I have nothing polite or nice to say about them. They are soulless.

It is simultaneously uplifting, complex, heartbreaking, hilarious, and satisfying.

Gotta go. Rowan Atkinson is wrapping a gift…


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2 responses to “NOW It’s Almost Christmas

  1. I love Love Actually!! I don’t know why, since its so silly, really, but I just love nearly all the people in it. I do hide when Rowan Atkinson starts wrapping the present though. I can’t bear it. I would have grabbed the gift and walked away!

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