The Red Trees Redux

The morning was off to an inauspicious start – second day in a row with no hot water in the house – and was headed south from there.



But the sky was very, very blue and the trees in the parking lot at work had gone from red to Very, VERY RED. In the morning sunlight they were brilliant.

I somehow reminded myself that no matter how much things might seem to suck at any given moment, there were beautiful things all around us if we could remember to see them.

I was a few minutes early, so I took the chance to look at the trees and the sky and take a few pictures.

There were cars driving by me in the parking lot with drivers looking at me like I was nuts.

Their loss.

The day still had big chunks that sucked – but I had seen the red leaves and the blue sky instead of just driving by them.


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2 responses to “The Red Trees Redux

  1. Thanks. Need that today.

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