It’s A Fine Line

…between tradition and madness.

The cards were received two weeks ago, and signed about ten days ago.

The mailing list has been updated and edited for address changes, returns from last year, and those who are no longer celebrating with us.

The inserts have been written, edited, and printed.

The labels have been generated and printed.

The first batches of cards are in the mail, more will go out tomorrow, the rest by the end of the weekend.

Hey, when you get your card, look at the “Total Eclipse” stamps we’re using this year – put your thumb or finger on the eclipsed sun for a few seconds and the full moon appears! How could I *not* get these and use them?

If you don’t get your card in the next week, well – do I have an address for you? Only you can solve that issue.

As for “madness,” since it’s still something I really enjoy, and since I have a fair number of people tell me how much they enjoy getting our cards every year, I’m going to say it’s still “tradition.” And a good one, at that.

Watch the mailboxes!

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