Never Too Many Christmas Lights

So, here’s the “new” lights I put up on the far side of the driveway this year, as seen from the back yard, looking toward the street, as I was doing the traditional Christmas Day BBQ last night:

A) Because they’re pretty and I like them, and;

B) Because all of a sudden instead of relaxing at this time of year, between the holiday and shopping and wrapping and trying to get the (late, late) cards done and in the mail and work and the budget and prepping for year-end close and the hangar and prepping for year-end close and annual audits for both coming at me like a freight train, I’m slightly busier than God, so posting a single picture and a (relatively) short rant, it’s all I have time for if I want to at least get five hours of sleep tonight… (wait, has this thing been on the whole time?)

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