Before You Freak Out Over The Coronavirus…

…get your flu shot!

It’s indicative of how we’ve lost all ability to do any kind of sane risk management. The new Chinese coronavirus has killed 170 people, which could actually be ten times that – but it’s in a country of over a billion people. There are five, maybe six people in this country who have it and it’s front page news. They’re cancelling flights to China for weeks. Every news hour shows folks coming into US airports and being screened and quarantined.

Five, maybe six people.

And yet the flu kills, on average, over 8,000 people a year in this country.

Not five people. Or six. OVER 8,000. And in a bad year that can double.

Not sick. Dead.

Did you get your flu shot this year?


Then STFU about coronavirus.


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4 responses to “Before You Freak Out Over The Coronavirus…

  1. Good point.
    Did you ever read the play/book Copenhagen. It explores why Heisenberg did or did not develop the atomic bomb for the Nazis before the USA did. The most logical answer is… he didn’t do the math. He assumed it would take much more plutonium take start the explosion than they could possible amass. There are other possible answers explored in the play (just so as not to spoil it for you).

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  2. wcroth55

    As a long-time getter-of-flu-shots… I’m still worried about the coronavirus. Slowing its spread enough, to give time (?) to develop a vaccine, is a very important thing.

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    • You get to be worried about coronavirus, as am I – we got our flu shots! It’s the folks who don’t get flu shots (which has already killed 8K+ in this country this flu season) but freak out about coronavirus (which hasn’t killed anyone here) that need to reassess their risk management. And probably watch less TV news and more “Get Smart!” reruns. But that’s true of us all…


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