This Reality Has Some Serious Continuity Flaws

Can’t make this shit up folks.

Trump got acquitted today, as expected. It’s incredibly disappointing and depressing and it sucks to be watching the death of the great American experiment as we sink into authoritarianism under a fascist, criminal regime – but that’s a rant for another day.

Here’s the thing…

Turning on the 11PM local news tonight, four stations (CBS, NBC, ABC, and KTLA) the #1 news story of the night, the lead, the biggest news that they’re ALL going to spend the first five minutes talking about was…

…the death of Kirk Douglas.

Okay, it’s Hollywood, La-La Land. We’ll cut them some slack, maybe? The impeachment will be second, right?

Nope. Some of them had the coronavirus scare #2 (a Korean air liner had to divert to LA because people on board had been exposed) and a local measles outbreak #3 (the irony is delicious and lost on them, running back to back stories about a panic over a 100% preventable disease like measles vs the coronavirus, which could be a humanity killing pandemic or just another false alarm that kills in ten years fewer people than die from car accidents in the US in a week), and some had the measles and then the coronavirus, but NONE of them had the impeachment acquittal.

Story #4 after the second commercial break seemed to be all over the place – a murder here, a freeze warning there…

This is how we’ve been worn down and beaten into submission by the Trump cult. Something that would have been the “Story of the Decade!” in another decade isn’t even reported in this one.

Geez, the LEAST they could have done is shown the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory parade as the #2 or #3 story! If you’ve done the measles story, just do “Coronavirus – ditto!” and move on to something good!!


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6 responses to “This Reality Has Some Serious Continuity Flaws

  1. berich56

    It’s amazing (scary) to watch what is happening in Washington. I thought the speech by Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith, declaring himself Emperor, was a foretelling of what is going to happen here in the US. I just didn’t figure it would be next year!

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    • Even worse, it’s hard to see how we will ever have fair and free elections again. Given the doubt already there and NEVER addressed about the 2016 results, plus the impending chaos over the 2020 election, it’s hard to see how conventional processes can be used to repair the system.


  2. wcroth55

    The single most important question is: what are we (each of us, individually and collectively) doing about it?

    There’s a tendency for people to think that volunteering means “going door-to-door to get-out-the-vote”, and most people hate that. There are many, many, other possibilities. E.g. right now the League of Women Voters is doing pretty intensive voter registration drives, esp among young would-be voters in “battleground” states (like here in Michigan). The LWV can use all kinds of help. Technically-inclined people can be a big help, organizing their data, calendars, email lists, tech support in general.

    I’ve been politically active since 1972 (volunteering, etc.) This is the worst moment in our history that I have seen. THIS IS THE TIME. Do something. Anything. No excuses. (Plus you’ll feel better.)

    (Apologies for the lecture, but I post something like this everywhere that I participate.)

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    • No, thank you for the lecture! Everyone needs to be doing something and giving folks options is always a good thing!


      • wcroth55

        OK, thanks. Another option is, I worked with them for a few days in 2018 to help flip a nearby (to me) “swing” district.

        Also, do please spread the word about Turbovote is the best platform I’m aware of, for helping people remember when to vote, how to vote, and what/who is on the ballot. They are also non-partisan, but in general higher turnout is usually a good thing from my POV.

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  3. wcroth55

    (Er, by “how to vote”, I meant the mechanics of voting, not who to vote for.)

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