Sexual Harassment Training

It’s bad that it’s so long – California law requires managers to take recurring training of at least two hours every two years.

It’s really bad that the voice acting is so truly horrendous – were there no high school drama classes that needed the work?

It’s really, REALLY bad that the “story line” was so incredibly lame – this shit makes Hallmark Christmas movies look like Shakespeare by comparison.

It’s beyond really, REALLY bad that the “quiz questions” that you periodically take with a “big quiz” at the end were so obvious and common sense and just plain freaking STOOPID that I’m quite confident that I could have skipped the entire thing and simply taken the quizzes, been done with it all in five minutes, and STILL have gotten about a 98% correct score.

But the worst part?

There are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many snarky remarks, come backs, snappy answers to stupid questions, and absolutely hilarious jokes that could be made – and every one of them would be a violation of the sexual harassment policies being taught.

Wait – the worst worst part is that I’ve got to kill two hours doing this again in two years.

Does it actually cut down on sexual harassment?

Sucker bet.

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