Calm & Courageous Lizard

Keep being courageous – keep being kind.

Avoid watching cheezy English “vampires from space” horror movies! (A mistake I made last night – how did they spend $25M on that when “Alien” was made for $18M the next year??!!)

On a walk yesterday I saw a wall lizard catching the last rays of the day.

See him? Her? It? (I’m still not big on IDing the sex of fence lizards from ten feet. Or ten inches. Or millimeters.)

By the way – did you check for rattlesnakes behind that transformer or in that tall grass before you went closer? Neither did I. Which I just realized about five seconds ago…

He’s still calm. He’s courageous. Like I want to be. Like we need to be.

Too close! Screw courage! We don’t want to get eaten! (Or worse!) No paparazzi! We’re outta here!

Courage. (Within reason.)

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