A Three-Day Beard

(After reading this before posting I’ve decided that it might be the most useless, stupid thing I’ve ever put on this site, but I’m too lazy to go check for what might have been even more stupid or useless, and I’m too tired to write anything else. Sorry)

On a 24-year old, it makes him look roguish, rough, sexy, perhaps a little bit dangerous.

On a 64-year old, it makes you look a LOT like one of the homeless guys under the freeway asking for change on the onramp.

In this day and age it might also be a sign that you’re just completely exhausted and putting a sharp object to your throat first thing in the morning isn’t a good idea. But that’s a given and perhaps why you need to do it anyway.

Plus it itches. And tickles. And the little hairs at the corner of my mouth are like a new toy for my tongue to play with, which is annoying as hell after about five minutes.

I always think that this time will be different – it never is.

Just one more frustrating thing in the world right now, one more freakin’ little detail that I would truly love to ignore and let go of – but the alternative is worse.

That pretty much defines the last few years. (Except for that whole “my beloved Chiefs won the Super Bowl!!” thing, of course.)

Thank you for sitting through my not-so-fine whine. I’m cranky.

Wash your hands! Stay home!

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One response to “A Three-Day Beard

  1. Useless, maybe, but I laughed!!


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