Another Weekend Gone, Another Week To Face

Between the disruption of the “working at home” routine, the fact that this entire crisis has increased my workload by a factor of “way too much” regardless of whether or not it’s exponentially harder to actually do under these circumstances, and the sort of 24/7/365 existential terror that the whole thing has vibrating along everyone’s nervous system, we’re all losing track of time. We’re untethered, adrift, fighting our way through chaotic times as best we can.

So far as I can tell, another “weekend” has past, its essence diluted to a glimmer of its former self by work and worry. That, in turn, means that another “work week” is here with all of its accompanying horrifying news from the hospitals, total shit shows from the White House, and unending crises de jour from all other fronts.

These guys in Cleveland have it right:

The news and the workload may be unrelenting – so must be our resolve, our courage, and our determination. A key weapon on our side will be our sense of humor. Hawkeye Pierce was right – sometimes going a little bit insane is the only way to stay sane when the world has gone totally insane. (We’ll ignore what happened in that farewell episode since it basically proves me wrong.)

Denial – it’s not just for the West Wing breakfast bar anymore!

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