Lonely Grill

It’s not “normal” by any means, but perhaps an attempt to have a tiny sliver of normality. If you’ve read this site for any extended length of time, you’ll know that we like to have family over and BBQ.

A normal, “happy” grill has a half dozen hot dogs, a dozen hamburgers, some chicken, probably some corn on the cob, perhaps even some kabobs or shrimp or a steak. We’re usually feeding at least four or six or more.

Tonight it’s just the two of us – no visitors, physical distancing and “Safer At Home” protocols in place. There wasn’t any lettuce or tomato or potato salad or corn on the cob or beans, not because they aren’t available at the stores, but because we didn’t have them in the house already and we won’t make a trip to the store just to get stuff like that for one meal.

So it was a lonely grill, with just the birds that are nesting on the porch to provide entertainment. (Every time I go out back they fly out of the nest above the door and perch on the fence berating me for invading “their” space.) Tomorrow several days of rain move in. Clouds tonight obscured Venus and the Pleiades, as well as a magnificent ISS pass.

But we’re still healthy. I hope you’re the same. (Feel free to use the comments to let me & others know how you’re doing.)

Stay home.

Wash your hands.

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