Avian Domestic Dispute?

I came out of the “office” to the “break room” this morning at one point and found a whole lot of squawking going on.

These two were facing off up near the nest, with another female just below them on the vines, a male up on the crossbeam a couple feet to the right, and another on the refrigerator just outside the window I was shooting through.

I haven’t seen anything about finches raiding each others’ nests or attacking other finches’ nestlings, but that’s sure what seemed to be happening here. When they heard the clicking of the camera shutter one of the males tried to attack me and bashed himself a couple of times against the window before flying off with the third female. These two stared down each other for a minute before the one on the right flew off a couple feet.

The one on the left, presumably Mama Finch, approached the nest carefully and checked it out before hopping up and starting to feed the chicks.

Definitely looks like three chicks. There were several times today when I had a clear view of them being fed and I never saw a fourth.

They’re also starting to exercise those wings. The feathers there are almost full, while they’re still working on the rest of their plumage.

Another week before we start flying lessons? Ten days? They hatched around June 21st and it looks like 21 days “ish” is when the nestlings turn into fledglings and start to learn how to leave the nest.

Man, I really hope this COVID thing is over by then! I don’t know what I’ll do for entertainment if these guys all leave and I’m still stuck here in quarantine!

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