Work-From-Home Lunch

In the next few days it’s coming up on seven months since I started working from home as COVID-19 spread. Believe me, I’m eternally grateful that I’m able to do that and that the amazing team I’m on has been able to keep everyone in our company on staff and working from home. But it’s a little odd to realize that I’m also coming up next week on the one-year anniversary of my starting there, and I’ve now worked five months in the office and seven months out.

Having said that, things have obviously changed. And things have gotten routine. And by “routine” I mean, well…

Lunch at my desk. Every day.

Some days it’s an apple or a pear instead of an orange.

Some days it’s PBJ instead of a turkey sandwich.

But that’s pretty much it. It’s lunch. At my desk. Every day.

I don’t thrive on routine and repetition, nor am I bothered by it.

I’m boring. I’m not a foodie. This is not news.

It’s simple.

In many ways, so am I.

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