With the change from Daylight Saving Time, it was dark when I went out to BBQ tonight. I had the porch lights on, which drew a visitor.

There’s a small wetland area not too far away from us, as well as the Chatsworth Reservoir area just a couple miles north, so it’s not that unusual to see dragonflies.

What was odd, or at least behavior that I don’t recall seeing before, was how it beat around the light like a moth or earwig.

After I bothered it enough it flew off and landed on the stucco wall, where its wings practically disappeared from sight.

If you blow up the picture you can still see them, sort of.

Beautiful, ancient creature, a genetic line far, far older than humans. Just a little odd to see it out at night!.

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  1. Love dragonflies. Used to get so many at my last house, until the new neighbours starting ruining the place. I’ve not seen them out at night, but I didnt have porch lights on… not the side they used to frequent, anyway. If you had other bugs trapped in webs there, it might have been after a free meal. I imagine with the fires they’ve had a tough time finding suitable habitat.

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