No Context For You – November 19th

1 – I’m so glad that I even remembered how to tie one.

2 – That’s not dandruff – there are little sparkly threads woven into the material.

3 – Wow, November 19th must be a tough day in my life! Typically the days when I’ve been beaten heavily about the head & shoulders (see, no dandruff!) are when I cop out, don’t want to write anything elaborate, and do a “No Context For You” post. It’s a shortcut. And WordPress, if you feed it the same post title, will add a “-1” to the end. This permalink is “no-context-for-you-november-19th-3” so I’m seeing a pattern here. That’s got to be four years in a row or four out of the last five or six when this date on the calendar was a “holy shit, I’m exhausted!” sort of day.

4 – Who knew?

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