A Small Spot Of Splendor

It’s so hard these days to keep looking for beauty, wonder, and splendor in the world around us. We’re bogged down with some serious existential terrors, and those are the GOOD days! But it’s still out there – we just have to remain open to it.

While we may note the exceptional sunsets (remember the skyline of the old house at times?), let’s not overlook the ones that have just a little bit of that colorful glory, a small spot of splendor far off in the distance, vanishing with the light.

We’re used to everything being spectacular on rare occasions and bland (at best) the rest of the time, but if we look closely, we might find that oddly fluorescent and vivid bit of the world around us, and be enraptured by it, if only for a moment.

We don’t have to know what causes it, whether it be a missed bit of timing or location, or bemoan what might have been a missed opportunity for more. We just have to be happy in that moment because it’s beautiful and we got to see it and be part of it – there’s plenty of time to be miserable and overwhelmed the other 1,439 minutes of the day.

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