Cloudy Friday

So many things actually accomplished today, so tired, feeling like so many things got left as loose ends… It’s Friday? Good, I guess…

Cloudy tonight, so no views of the Great Conjunction. Maybe tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the house is going insane.

Who knew that these fancy programmable thermostats could flip a digit, blow a fuse, crater a chip, or whatever it was and all of a sudden not allow any temp to be set except 40°? That might have been comfy if it were Celsius, but in Fahrenheit it’s a bit nippy for my taste.

The good news is that it wasn’t an intermittent problem – it was a fatal one, at least for the thermostat. It would have been extremely frustrating to have the landlord show up for repairs and have it then (of course) be working fine. Nope, it conveniently had turned into an electronic brick that would only reliably tell the time and the current temperature.

All better now, but not what I wanted to spend a chunk of my Friday dealing with.

How was your Friday? Onward, bravely, into the weekend!!

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