Art – February 19th

Given what I started with and what I ended up with, I’m reminded of Bare Naked Ladies’ “Tonight Is The Night I Fell Asleep At The Wheel.”

I like the effect – maybe one of these times I should keep track of which filters and effects and settings I used so that I can more or less replicate it at some point in the future instead of just stumbling blind from scratch every time.



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2 responses to “Art – February 19th

  1. I’ve been playing with filters on pictures in Gimp for book covers. Eventually I discovered two which are really useful!

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    • I’ve got Gimp but never learned it – had Photoshop and loved it but then they went to the “pay-every-month-until-ten-years-after-you’re-dead” model – I finally gave in and got it again. For quickies like this I just use the filters in IrfanView, which is free and marvelous, if simple.


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