No Context For You – March 21st

It’s not food.

Well, at least I’m pretty sure that it’s not food.

Speaking of food (smooth segue, amIright?), on the way home from the weekly grocery shopping trip this morning, a GREAT song came on my favorite SiriusXM channel. (Looking up the video for the link makes me pretty sure that I’ve linked to it in the past. That’s okay – it’s a really good song!) I found out that it sounds really, really good on the Volvo’s premium sound system, especially turned up to eleven. (Which makes me think that I’ve written about a very similar circumstance in the past. This might be a serious deja vu thing going on.)

The sourpuss woman who was stopped at the light next to me probably would disagree (hey, I didn’t have the top down, didn’t have the windows open, it wasn’t that bad!) but just gave her a grin, a thumbs up, and mentally composed a series of physiologically improbably suggestions for her.

Her loss for not headbanging along with the tunes. There was unbridled joy, right there for the taking. If she had some need to turn her back on it and scowl at me… Via con Dios!

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