Easter Bunny

These were taken in the last week or so on two separate nights.

As I commented the other day to someone on Twitter, there are a surprising number of rabbits living in the Los Angeles suburbs. But there are also a surprising number of coyotes. It tends to balance out.

On the other hand, we live at the very top of a fairly high and very steep hill. And coyotes are lazy.

(Except, of course, for Wile E. Coyote. He was very much an ambitious and industrious fellow, even if the laws of physics did seem to always be breaking in such a way that he got screwed.)

So about dinner time and/or sunset, we’ll see one or two of these fluffbutts in the back yard.

Once it’s full dark there are usually anywhere from two to five or six in the front yard. It’s bunny paradise.

But they never leave eggs, colored or otherwise, just those little Raisinette-like things. (They’re not candy, taste like shit…)

If you celebrate, I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

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