Nerd Dad Masterpiece

I’m a nerd.

I’m a dad.

I’m of a certain age.

Is it not a thing of beauty? Perfectly packed and arranged. 99.9999% full.

I don’t know if younger people, nerds or not, dad or not, take perfect loading of the dishwasher as a quest akin to that for The Holy Grail. For that matter, it might just be me, period.

Either way, I’m pretty good at the dishwasher packing zen, but this was clearly a standout effort last night. In fact, I just might have posted something like this before. (Eight+ years is a long time to keep track.)

Old. Dad. Certain age…

Oh, and did I mention that I was “easily amused?”

It explains so much.


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4 responses to “Nerd Dad Masterpiece

  1. Just exercising your high degree of spatial expertise 🙂

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  2. wcroth55

    You are DEFINITELY not alone. The optimization of getting as many dishes as possible in the dishwasher, WHILE ensuring good water flow/spray across all of them, is a high art/science. Cheers!

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    • Yes! It’s not just a matter of cramming them in there! They have to be able to come out clean as well! Some folks just don’t understand…


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