Fine Feathered Friends – May 20th

Another “common” bird that I love seeing around the yard is the mockingbird.

They hide in the bushes and can be very, very hard to see. Trust me, he’s there!

They’re primarily a noisy, raucous, troublemaking breed with a bad attitude.

Get four or five together and they will take on a crow, raven, hawk, owl, or any other predator or raptor that tries to take their eggs. They’re fearless.

They’ll come down to the grass to feed on worms and bugs, which is when that tail starts flipping and dancing around.

They’ll hop more than fly on the ground – dinosaur descendants indeed.

With attitude. They descended from T-Rex and they haven’t forgotten.

Also marvelous is their song, which can trill and soar all over the place or start imitating other bird songs and items from the human world – like car alarms.

If you stay their friend, they’ll be endlessly amusing and fun to watch and listen to.

Don’t stay their friend, they’ll look at you like this and then try to annoy the crap out of you every time you go out in your yard. (Pro tip: Stay their friend!)

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