Don’t Think – It Can Only Hurt The Ball Club (Part Deux)

Good advice there. (From “Bull Durham” of course, when Crash first meets Nuke.)

Again, it always gets down to balance.

On the one hand, one can’t blindly blunder through life without two brain cells to rub together. (Well, one can … but then you’ll end up a US Representative from Georgia, or Florida, or Texas, or maybe even California.)

On the other hand, one can’t over analyze and micromanage every decision to the point where nothing ever gets done.


And sometimes you just have to make your best guess and get your ass in gear.

I might have mentioned this a few times a year over the past 8+ years. The fact that I already have used the Bull Durham quote for a post at least once proves that. The fact that I love that movies so much would be another, but I digress.

I guess tonight’s the night to take another whack at our deceased equine friend.

Or, as I learned in high school (thanks, Kevin), “Don’t sweat the petty things, and don’t pet the sweaty things!)”

Or as I learned from 80’s Los Angeles drivetime AM radio, “EGBOK! – Everything’s Gonna Be OK!” (Have I told that story here? That’s one of the better ones…)

June’s starting soon.

There are quests and adventures to be undertaken, fears to be faced down, monsters to be slain.

Dare Mighty Things.

Pick a gear. Any gear. Just get your ass moving.

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