I’ve heard of the “Calm” app, used for meditation, relaxation, white noise, stress relief, and so on. A couple of folks at work (back in the days when we congregated in this odd place called an “office“) swore by it.

These days I was thinking about something like that, and checked it out. Okay, I can give that a shot, skeptic though I am.

$59.95 a year.

I’m also an incredibly cheap skeptic about certain things, for the record.

But then I remembered that we were told a year or so ago, once the pandemic was really picking up steam and ye olde shite was really hitting ye olde fan, that Kaiser Permanente Medical clients could get it for free. Was that deal still on the table?

Yes, it is! Score!

No meditation yet, no time. (Yes, I know the old joke. Guru – “You must mediate twenty minutes a day.” Student – “BUT I DON’T HAVE TWENTY MINUTES TO SPARE!” Guru – “Ahhh. Then you must meditate forty minutes a day!”) But I am enjoying the white noise background sounds, particularly the variety of rain noises.

Am I calmer today? Maybe, maybe not. But I sure have to pee a lot more often!

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  1. Talk about designer sunglasses… I listen to Classic FM at bedtime and give it half an hour on fade when I’m ready… they have ‘smooth classics’ from 10pm. Trouble is, sometimes it gets me alert when it goes off through something I really like!


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