Sometimes It Gets Orange Outside

Last Friday I noticed that the light coming through the living room drapes was looking very orange. This could be very good, or very very bad.

Good is a colorful sunset, somewhere on the colorful scale between “Cool!” and “HOLY GUACAMOLE, BATMAN, THAT’S SPECTACULAR!!!

This would have been probably just below the mid-range on that scale. Definitely worth grabbing the camera for and watching while it unfolds.

Bad, of course, means something very near by is burning. We’ve seen that in this neighborhood, and at this second there are plenty o’ places on the West Coast that are seeing that in spades. We, however, are not in that crisis today.

So after busy weeks trying to cram work in so I can go on vacation with a calm mind, a busy week of vacation, a busy busy week back from vacation catching up on work, an extremely busy weekend taking care of one (figurative, not literal) brush fire after another, now it’s time to dive into a new month and a new busy busy week with more deadlines and projects and tasks and pressure than I can keep track of.

So watch the sunset, check for new lizards under the car (one was there, we had a nice talk – it wasn’t the teeny tiny one from Friday, nor Doctor Lizardo, but a new, smallish but not skittish one – warned him about the birds and the raccoon), see if the next round of roses are coming back in (not yet), and fantasize about days to come (which aren’t coming, let’s get real) where I can just read, relax, listen to music, watch movies, and do it all without a deadline or responsibility in the world.

Welcome to August. Wear a mask. Get vaccinated. Stay safe.

So I’ll wat

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