Lounging Squirrel

How can I hate his furry, mangy, potentially rabid little butt when he’s this cute?

It was hot in the sun, but nice in the shade.

So the sidewalk was juuuuuust right for his tummy.

He was digesting and relaxing, haven eaten his fill of the birdseed that was supposed to be for the birds!

He might have just been too full to run away. His daily birdseed theft is one of the reasons for my hatred. But then he’s so cute…

I hope I don’t get bubonic plague from him.


Filed under Critters, Photography

2 responses to “Lounging Squirrel

  1. This is such a cute post❤️🐿️


  2. I’ve noticed squirrels lying out on their tummies in hot weather (or in the shade, not out in the sun.) My guinea pigs do too. I presume that however hot it is, the ground is cooler than their bodies. They’re not stupid.


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