Soaked Squirrel

That much needed rain arrived last night and it was a pretty good soaker. This morning when I got up, I saw this guy out feeding in the yard.

The image quality is poor because I was zoomed in to the max on my iPhone, but you can clearly see that he’s a bit bedraggled.

I didn’t feel too bad for him, he was feeding out in the area where I throw the “small critter” food (as opposed to the bird food) so he was getting a decent breakfast.

Then, in thanks for feeding him, thirty seconds later he was trying to climb the vine-covered porch post to get at the hummingbird feeder, AGAIN. The little rat bastard didn’t even have the courtesy to run away when I opened the back door, made me come out and take two or three steps in the cold before he decided I was really serious.

No gratitude. None!


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2 responses to “Soaked Squirrel

  1. Probably needed a quick fix of high carbs or sugar loading 🙂

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