The First ‘Hiding Under The Car’ Lizard Of The Spring

Do you see it?

I’ve been playing #FindThatLizard since long before it was a wonderful, Wednesday, Twitter phenomenon, so as soon as I stepped out of the door to get the mail, I spotted it.

It’s spring, a first encounter, and it was skittish, ready to bolt at any sudden movement. I kept well away, moved slowly, and used the telephoto abilities of my iPhone to get what pictures I could.

Event that didn’t do much good, since it was on a hair trigger. But it’s not one of the inch-long babies that are hatching and hypersensitive to perceived threats, so it eventually stuck around until I went back into the house, taking the long route. (It’s all good – the mail was all junk, tomorrow’s trash pickup day, so a detour down the sidewalk to dump the mail straight into the recycling bin was no biggie.)

Let the front yard lizard sightings begin! Any time spent lizard looking is less time spent doomscrolling, so it’s all good!

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