Fine Feathered Friends – April 21st

And another rare friend is back! Which makes me wonder if it’s coincidence or I’m just being more observant.

From the back especially, the size, coloration, and patterns on the wings make it look a LOT like a common house wren. We’re hip deep in those! (And they’re nesting and laying eggs and singing like crazy, so soon there will be even more of them!)

But from the neck up? Not a chance that’s a wren. Those zebra stripes really stand out, as does that yellow beak.

Again, I think I’ve seen one here only a handful of times and only gotten photos once, maybe twice. They must not have been great photos, since this is the first reference I can find on this site to them.

Yes! I’m looking at you! Have some more seed and come back to visit more often! Stick around! Stay a while!

Sounds like a plan!

Now, if we want evidence of divine intervention with these rare sightings, let’s keep an eye out tomorrow for the yellow-headed blackbird!


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2 responses to “Fine Feathered Friends – April 21st

  1. Things are moving back into their breeding areas – and/or have mouths to feed so are getting bolder/more desperate 😉
    My blackbird and robins are now following me around waiting for more worms to be turned up as I weed…

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