Lucy & Ricky Have Four Eggs

Last night I commented on how Lucy was sitting in her nest most of the time for the last few days and speculated that she might now have eggs in the nest.

She is. Four of them.

Gestation is 12 to 14 days, and she’s been on the nest for three or four days, so I’m guessing ten days until they hatch, give or take a day or two. Updates to follow.

What I don’t get is how those four eggs came out of that one tiny bird. There’s some space-time continuity issues that we’re dealing with here!


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3 responses to “Lucy & Ricky Have Four Eggs

  1. Some birds lay eggs over several days, but through some not yet understood mechanism, they don’t start to develop until they are all hatched. Maybe it’s something to do with how long mum (or dad) is sitting on them. Not sure whether that’s your bird or not 🙂

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