Empty Nest 2022

And just like that…they’re gone! All of them! Lucy, Ricky, and the Four Amigos!

By Sunday they were getting rambunctious, and too big for the nest. The two with spots in the nest hunkered down and hid when I came out, but these two just froze and hoped I wasn’t a predator.

Monday they were all back in the nest for a while, but looking very fully grown-ish.

More to the point, they looked fully covered in feathers, which is sort of important for that whole flying thing, which is in turn sort of important for that whole bird thing.

Yesterday they were noisy as all get out, bothered by the chain saws and racket from next door. There was some occasional wing flapping and squawing, but last night it looked like they were all there. I had been keeping an eye out for anyone who might have fallen out and ended on the ground, but didn’t see any problems. I figured it might be a week before they flew off.


This morning when I got up it was immediately obvious that something had changed. No heads popping up looking for breakfast in bed, no squeaking and whistling, no hovering parents. Nothing.

I waited until this afternoon but then check it out up close and personal. The nest is vacant.

A couple of times this afternoon I saw a group of six fly down, do some feeding on the lawn, and then fly off. Was it Lucy, Ricky, and family? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows?

As before, I’m going to assume that things happened the way they were supposed to and we now have a gazillion and four common house finches flitting about the back yard. If thing’s didn’t happen the way they were supposed to, well, that’s above my pay grade.

There’s another nest up on the other side of the porch that still has chicks growing and chirping, but they’re behind a speaker so I can’t really see them. One of these days it will grow quiet and I’ll know why.

And if I remember correctly, finches can have a couple of nests and broods per year, so we just have to wait and be patient for the next round. It won’t be long.


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2 responses to “Empty Nest 2022

  1. Congratulations! You have successfully reared a stable and reliable family of house finches. Bless you!

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