The Dusk Lizard

I’m no herpetologist, professional or amateur, but I have been watching and observing our yard lizards (both here and at the old house) for ten years or more. There a few things that seem pretty consistant, and the number one on that list is that they’re not nocturnal. At all.

Do you see it? This silvery critter. I’m calling it “Dusk,” because that’s the only time I’ve seen it. Which is weird.

Granted, at this point it’s not exactly dark. A this time of year the sun doesn’t set until a few minutes after 20:00, and these pictures were taken at 19:52, about twenty minutes before that.

But in my experience, these fence lizards and the odd alligator lizard are all off in their hidey holes a good hour or so before sunset. Maybe it’s so hot these last few days that the sidewalk is still hot enough for this critter to be sucking up infrared photons from below, but it really hasn’t been. I’ve seen days when it’s MUCH hotter, 10° to 15º hotter.

This critter’s also fearless, guarding their spot on the sidewalk and not budging for anything. I was within a couple of feet before it finally decided that discretion was the better part of valor and it retreated into the bushes along the fence.

It’s odd behavior all around. And all done way into the shadows and gathering dark.

“Dusk” indeed.

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