Non-Splooting Lizard

I found this handsome specimin out in the yard today.

He loves being on this bit of wooden trim or edging. It’s got enough sun to keep him warm, but when it’s really hot it’s also got some shade.

I’ve seen him before a number of times, and I often stop to talk to him. I don’t know that it’s helped in getting him used to my presence, but he does seem relatively calm and allows me to get within maybe seven or eight feet, sometimes less.

He even lets me move around and shift angles without fleeing.

The tricky part today was getting down on my knees near him, which I haven’t done before. He even didn’t freak out when I went through the gyrations and exertions necessary to stand back up while holding the camera, shooting pictures, and trying desperately to not lose my balance and fall on top of him.

The detail and colored spots on his back are spectacular and beautiful!

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Filed under Critters, Photography

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