Play #5 For This Season

And the Ahmanson already has banners up for next year’s season. “2:22,” which is some kind of supernatural thriller. “Ain’t Too Proud,” which will have great music. “1776,” which is currently on Broadway and one of my all-time favorites.

Tonight we have drizzle, and the legal vax & mask requirements have been relaxed (idiot politicians!) but we’ll be masked up anyway. It’s a policy that got us through two plane trips, Worldcon, lots of sightseeing and restaurants in Chicago, and still with negative COVID test results.

Are any of you getting out to do anything fun this weekend? Tell me in the comments!


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3 responses to “Play #5 For This Season

  1. I loved 1776 – I saw it on Broadway possibly on my last visit in the 1990s. Brent Spiner was John Adams. Terrific.

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    • WOW! I had no idea that he had ever played the part, didn’t know he could sing. That would have been amazing to see!


      • That prompted me to find my CD. It’s the ‘New Broadway Cast Recording’ by the Roundabout Theatre Company, recorded 1997. Spiner was excellent (singing fine for the role). The actor playing Rutledge (S Carolina) who has the show stopper in the second act was brilliant – Greg Edelman is listed, although the picture in the notes is not how I remember him. Now I’ll have to play it to see if it’s how I remember the song!

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