By His Deeds Shall You Know Him

I went out in front to get the mail yesterday and there were four tiny “popcorn” fence lizards lined up along the sidewalk. I froze but two of them were already scurring for the bushes. One waited a few seconds, long enough for me to take out my phone.

By the time I moved my arms enough to widen out the zoom, he was off into the bushes as well. Only one of the four stayed out in his chosen warm spot in the sun.

Gandalf, who stood his ground even as I walked out about five feet in front of him and then inched in to get a good photo.

The only time I’ve seen him bail and scurry off was today when the phone rang just as I was going out the door. I was so preoccupied with answering and talking that I wasn’t watching where I was going at all, almost stepped on him.

He’s fine, made it to the bushes with room to spare. He may be fearless, but that doesn’t mean he’s stupid!

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