Sunday Night Blues

The end of October, the hockey game on Thursday, the fantastic Danny Elfman show last night at the Hollywood Bowl, deadlines at work, the Chief’s off week, family in town for the concert and hockey game…

It’s played “fifty-two pickup” with my schedule, and more importantly, my perception of my schedule.

For better or for worse, all evening I’ve had my internal clock telling me that today was Saturday, which is great because I could really, really use tomorrow to chillax and kick back.


Tomorrow’s Monday. Tomorrow’s Halloween. Tomorrow’s payroll, and month end.

“Good thing I’m having such a great time doing so many things,” he said, dazedly, still slightly in shock. “Otherwise I could be double booking panic attacks and nervous breakdowns!”

Oh, and then NaNoWriMo starts on Tuesday…


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2 responses to “Sunday Night Blues

  1. I thought you’d given up work. Or maybe that was only one of them…

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    • Ah, I wish… 😏 You’re correct, as of last March I’m out of the volunteer gig at the CAF SoCal Wing, something I had done for eight years. But I’m still doing the paying, full-time-plus job as Senior Director of Finance & Administration for The ALS Association Golden West Chapter (they have to print it really small to get it all to fit on a business card! 🤣) and that will continue for the foreseeable future. I think that “Death will not release you” was the phrase being used…


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