Sunset – December 06th

Another busy, busy, busy day. Another quick stroll outside to catch some air and another of those little moments that are just wonderful if you let yourself observe and not be too jaded or blase.

The atmosphere’s still a little unstable a couple of days after a cold front brought in three days of light rain. Granted, again, as always, a multi-year drought has us grateful for the rain. But now it’s a bit cool and damp with a small chance of scattered showers for the rest of the week.


It leads to some nice cloud buildups in the late afternoon after we get some convective activity. At sunset there were a lot of larger cloud cells off toward Ventura and the ocean, so most of the clouds here were dark and grey. But this one little finger of clouds stuck out into the last pink rays of the setting sun. Just to remind us that it was there.


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