From One Extreme To The Other

One of the key effects of climate change that we’ll see is a change in the historical norms.

More “storms of the century” – every couple of years.

More all time highs.

More all time lows.

Here in California and the Southwest we’re in record drought conditions. There are water use restrictions. The Colorado River is so low that it’s almost to the point where a lot of major metropolitan areas (LA, Las Vegas, Phoenix, etc) have to stop pulling water from it, which will REALLY mess things up, not to mention that hydroelectric generation will have to stop at Hoover Dam and other dams along the river.

And yet, seemingly out of nowhere, we’re now getting massive rain storms, one after another. We’re already having street flooding in Northern California and San Francisco.

Now the rain has started here for tonight, and it’s going to continue on and off for days and days.

Credit: Wunderground

Buckle up, folks! It’s not going to get any better, and we don’t even have any idea how bad it’s going to get in the short term or the long term. Our grandchildren might well look back on these days as a virtual paradise compared to what they get to deal with every day.

And tomorrow most of us go back to work to start catching up on everything that happened while we were celebrating.

It’s gonna be a slice…

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