Random Old Photos – January 19th

For giggles, today I set the Way-Back Machine to before I had the good Canon DSLRs. (Which are something like 13 years old themselves, which in “electronics-years” makes them about a gazillion years old.) From just under twenty years ago, I stumbled across some pictures of the Lucky Puppy, of whom I have surprisingly few photos.

It’s only a 640×480 pixel format, so it’s really old and small even by the standards of even the cheapest cell phones and cameras today. The EXIF information says it’s from a Sony DCR-TRV350 camera – a what?

Jeez Louise! Yes, I had one of these, and I’m sure it’s still around here somewhere, but that means that these are screen grabs from a Digital8 video! Even more amazing, you can buy refurbished models of these, which I might need to do if I can’t find the camera one day. I know where the tapes are, but if I want to digitize them I’ll need something to play them back on.

Twenty years. Damn!

As for the Lucky Puppy, she was one of the best dogs, a reminder that we don’t deserve dogs. She, like Jessie, was always a good girl. (Except, of course, when she wasn’t.)

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