On To Super Bowl LVII

First of all, the most important question – why do we still use Roman numerals to identify the Super Bowls? What a stupid affectation!

Regardless, as anyone interested will know, my beloved Chiefs won an incredibly tough battle against the Cincinnati Bengals and won the AFC Championship this evening and will be going to the Super Bowl in two weeks to face the Philadelphia Eagles. That game is expected to be epic and practically a toss up, although the Eagles are favored by two points in the inital Las Vegas betting line.

I’ll need the two weeks to rest and recover. It was a high stress game and wasn’t decided until there was only eight seconds left in the game. It had a little bit of everything.

Suddenly, as January winds down, February starts to look busy. Possibly bordering on hectic. After an extremely busy December and January I was thinking there might be a chance to throttle back a bit, but there’s a family thing, and now the Super Bowl is more than just another game and might require a party (if the pieces can fall into place, primarily COVID related), and oh, did I mention, I applied for a three-day NASA Social in Florida for the Crew 6 launch currently scheduled at the end of February?

The odds of getting selected to participate in the NASA Social might be slim-ish, maybe 1 in 10? (A wild guess, at best.) But if that comes through, then A) I’ll have some truly fantastic things to share on this site for weeks and months to come, and B) when March rolls around I’ll need about a month’s nap.

It’s one of those “theory vs reality” things, also known as, “Be careful what you wish for!” In theory, it’s great to be getting to my age and still be really active and living life with gusto. In practice, it can be daunting and occasionally exhausting. However, when presented with the options (c’mon, NASA Social selection committee!!), I’m hoping I continue to come down on the side of the “YOLO!! LEEROY JENKINS!!” response.

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  1. berich56

    That was a good game. Congrats to your Chiefs.


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