Odds & Sods, April 14th

It was cloudy and foggy last night again and I didn’t get to see Spacex’s Transporter 7 launch out of Vandenberg just before midnight, because the weather sucked for them as well and they scrubbed. The weather is looking much better tonight, both here and there, so in twenty or so minutes (23:48 PDT) maybe we’ll get to see a launch.

SpaceX also got it’s launch license from the FAA today, the last step they needed before launching SuperHeavy Booster 7 carrying Starship Ship 24. They’ll probably try sometime after 07:00 AM CDT on Monday morning.

My son in Texas immediately asked if I would be getting there Saturday or Sunday. It’s with truly great sorrow that I had to acknowledge that I wouldn’t be making a last-minute, surprise trip. As I noted, being an adult sucks. “…For I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.”

I randomly had two movies on cable on as background while I was working the other night, and didn’t think anything of it, but it hit me later how they both examine similar themes from radically different viewpoints. Things like what it takes to make us human and how we treat other sentient beings and what rights those beings might have. First it was “Ex Machina,” which has always been stunning visually as well as thought provoking. The second was “The Truman Show,” a philosophical horror show masquerading as a Jim Carrey comedy.

Are Eva and Truman all that different at their cores?

Time to try and go see a rocket launch!

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