The Critters Return

I do love wandering around outside at night. There are the stars, for one. And the lights of the city, and aircraft overhead going out of LAX to parts unknown and into BUR from parts unknown. And the sounds of the critters out there.

The owls are back. They’ve never truly been gone, but they move around a bit, so I haven’t heard them in the last week or two. But tonight and last night I could hear them.

The bunnies are back. In the winter I often only see one every now and then, but they’ve apparently spawned. Tonight there was what looked like one adult and at least two, maybe three little ones.

No doubt what the owls are looking for, if you know what I mean.

And peepers! Down at the bottom of the hill is an area where a couple of streams come together and start Bell Canyon Creek. It’s filled with reeds and brush. We hear a lot of frogs and peepers down there, as well as a pack of coyotes, but now it seems some of the peepers have made it up the hill. I can hear several in our neighbor’s yard, and I swear I can hear one sometimes in the bushes in front of our living room.

Squirrels! Again, it might be time for the little ones to learn how to dodge hawks. (And owls!) Usually we just have the one who eats all of the bird seed, but today, while he was out there in the yard, there were two others up against the sliding glass door that leads out to the porch. Our regular guy ignores me most of the time, but the two peeking into the house were freaked out by my arrival and took off pretty quick.

Get bundled up and go outside late at night. It’s a whole different world.

And with luck, in about fifteen minutes, if the clouds clear just a bit, there will be a rocket leaving the planet behind in my world!

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