Medium Lizard

Yesterday I had pictures of a large fence lizard, something on the order of 10-12 inches long, involved in some territorial displays of his bright blue belly and push ups. The reason he was being so demonstrative was a smaller, younger, medium-sized lizard that was horning in on his spot in the sun along the 6×6 railroad ties at the edge of the yard.

The big guy is over to the right about four feet. The usurper came sneaking up over the top to one of the good spots.

Smaller, nice pattern but much less color – note the green diamonds all over the big guy from yesterday, as well as the blue belly.

He’s also got some weird circular ridges along side of his neck on both sides, just above his shoulders.

He scurried past the big guy, annoying the hell out of him. As soon as the medium guy had come up on the beam the big guy had started his dominance display.  When the medium guy made his run along the beam, then down onto the dirt just as he got to the big guy, then back up onto the beam as soon as he got past him, the big guy scurried under that plant with the purple flowers. Do you see him?

Here you can see the medium-sized guy doing his own push ups, but with no color on his belly showing yet. I’m guessing (I’m no herpetologist) but I suspect that means he’s younger.

The big guy was having none of that challenge. He came whipping out from under that bush, charging at the medium guy, driving him down the beam until he had no choice but to bail over the edge.

Large Lizard – 1, Medium Lizard – 0

But they both live to fight another day.

“This yard ain’t big enough for the two of us!”

Chill, dude! It actually is. Really.

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