Squirrel Dude

At times we’ve had as many as three or four squirrels running about the yard at any given stretch of time, but we’ve been back down to one for some time.

I suspect we have the hawks to blame (or thank) for that.

This guy’s been around long enough that he’s slowly but surely getting less nervous and figety when I walk outside. By which I mean that he doesn’t instantly bolt for the tree when I first step out the door, and if he does run as I’m getting something out of the fridge or whatever, he usually goes only halfway to the tree, not up it.

Sort of like how a runner on first is supposed to go halfway to second on a popup to the outfield, so he can still get back to first if it’s caught but can easily advance to second and maybe take third if it’s dropped?

At one point a few weeks ago I walked out back and sat down in the sun with crackers. When I frisbeed one onto the lawn towards him he didn’t bolt, but explored the cracker and then ate it. He then quite clearly wanted more. I kept luring him closer with food, and while he wouldn’t quite come close enough to take the cracker from my hand (yet!), he did get within a couple of feet.

I don’t think I really want to train him to trust humans THAT much or to beg for food. The neighbors and the next occupants of this house might not be as enthused about it as I am about that trick.

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