Fine Feathered Friends – May 19th

Another new arrival has been heard around the neighborhood, but not yet seen.

I was going out to get the trash cans from the curb when this pair decided to land on the wires out front. Of course they did! They knew that if I was coming to retrieve the trash bins then I wasn’t going to have my camera with me! But after they had their laugh, and I abandoned the trash bins to go back in the house to get the camera, they were gracious enough to stay where they were until I got back.

Lesser goldfinches!

Gorgeous! That yellow color stands out, especially against a cloudless blue sky.

He may have been turning his back on the paparazzi (i.e., ME) in protest, but it let me have a good picture of his back markings.

This guy was all puffed up, showing a layer of black feathers under the yellow on the chest.

So far I haven’t seen any of them feeding at the seed that gets put out in the back yard. Maybe they’re picky? Maybe they look down on the vegan birds?


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3 responses to “Fine Feathered Friends – May 19th

  1. If their habits are anything like our goldfinches – and they have similar beaks, so it’s possible – they wouldnt want to feed from the ground. Ours like small seed and sunflower seeds, preferably husked already. You may need to get a seed feeder just for them!

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