Writing Report For Tuesday, June 25th

I didn’t know that I would be writing a short story first. But after doing a dramatic reading of Chuck Wendig’s (NSFW) blog post that got me so fired up yesterday, I remembered that Mr. Wendig also has a weekly “Flash Fiction Challenge” and that I’ve been wanting to participate.

So I am.

Think of it as a micro-NaNoWriMo, or a glorified homework assignment for the class on “SHUT UP & WRITE” that you signed up for in that extension course from Miskatonic University.

I rolled the dice on this week’s challenge and got:

Subgenre #10: Haunted house
Subgenre #18: Erotica
Must Feature #3: A bottle of rare liquid
Must Feature #7: A secret room

It took about fifteen minutes to get my core idea, then another ten to say, “But wait, that’s too cliche. How about if…” three or four times, then see how it all fits.

So far it looks like keeping it to “1,000 words or so” will be the big problem. It’s clear in my mind how the thing goes, but with what I wrote tonight I suspect it will be closer to 2,000+ words.

That’s what editing is for! Maybe. I’ll see how it looks when I’m done with the first draft.

527 words on it tonight – first draft to be done tomorrow, easy.

I’m excited!


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3 responses to “Writing Report For Tuesday, June 25th

  1. Ronnie

    Yeah. Go get ’em dear


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