Flash Fiction: Three-Sentence Story #2

No, I haven’t forgotten that it’s Thursday and that’s normally “Flash Fiction Night” here, since the entries to Chuck Wendig’s “Flash Fiction Challenges” over on TerribleMinds are due by noon Eastern on Friday. But this week’s Challenge is another “Three-Sentence Story” contest, with the results posted directly to TerribleMinds. Here’s my entry for this week:

When she met him, he was funny, intelligent, and everything she had ever hoped for in a husband. When they raised their children, he was faithful, hardworking, and a pillar of the community. When she disposed of his body, he was heavy, unwieldy, and a pain in the ass to drag through the woods.

I did pretty well the last time we were given this task to complete, making the Top Ten list of Chuck’s favorites. This week’s entry didn’t necessarily have to be horror, any genre would do. I’m not sure what genre this fits into — maybe something like an “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” episode summary. Whatever, it made me laugh to write it and share it.

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