Crepuscular is a $5 word that describes rays of sunshine that appear when the sun shines through gaps in the clouds and the rays stand out against a background of darker clouds. They’re also known as “sun rays” or “Jacob’s Ladder.” I prefer the big word, although I probably can’t pronounce it without exposing myself as a poser.

Regardless, with moisture being sucked up into California, Arizona, and New Mexico from the remnants of Hurricane Odile, last night was a good night for seeing them, even if you can’t pronounce it.

IMG_1775 small

IMG_9213 small

IMG_1777 small

IMG_9217 small

IMG_1780 small

IMG_9229 small

Despite that big, threatening cloud directly overhead, no, we never got a drop of rain, no matter how desperately we need it. Just a pretty sunset, clouds, shadows, and crepuscular rays.

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